Boosting digital funding efforts for public media across the country

Greater Public is a member association for public media organizations. Their core service is providing practical, hands-on support to help members improve their digital fundraising.

UX/UI Team Lead

Greater Public had gone through a recent redesign and rebrand, but its members were still having issues finding the content and resources they needed. Our team was brought on to solve this core business problem: create a clear site architecture and intuitive user flows to enable members to find and utilize Greater Public’s resources.

Live Site – Launched March 2016

The first step to creating intuitive architecture is to understand the goals of Greater Public’s users. Why do they come to the site and what do they do when they get there? Where do they get stuck, and what are their pain points?

We used a bevy of tools to understand our users, including surveys, personas, click tests, moderated user tests and journey maps.

The most interesting finding was that members found images distracting and cumbersome – they much preferred to scan simple lists so they could get to the content quickly. This finding had sweeping implications for our resource library design, which was the largest and most complicated section.

Site Components

Content Patterns also played a large role in shaping our work for Greater Public.
We designed a component-based website, which means that each type of content (banners, news articles, white papers, etc) gets its own module with its own visual design.

As a result, the Greater Public team has set of modules they can mix and match to create new pages as new needs arise, as well as a set of standard page templates.

The new site launched May, 2016.

Site Components

User Personas

Resources Prototype